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Dog Bathing Tubs

There are a lot of dog bathing tubs out there to help ease the pain of giving your pooch a bath. Your choice will mainly depend on your needs and your budget. Here are a few that have gotten good reviews and can come in very handy. If you have one you would like to add, please let me know

Quick Dog Bathing Tips

When starting to use a tub, remember these few tips.

  • Get your dog comfortable with the tub by letting them get in and out before the bathing begins.
  • When your dog behaves well or easily gets into the tub, make sure to reward him with a treat.
  • Never spray water into your pet’s ears and also rinse shampoo thoroughly off your pets coat.
  • Learn more: Dog Bathing Guide
dog bathing tubs

Booster Bath

This product brings the dog to a height that is more convenient when trying to give a bath. It has a leash restraint, shampoo holder, and a rubber non-slip mat. It is made of light-weight material so you can move it with ease. You can also detach the legs for easy storage. This product also comes with a ramp for an additional cost.

Price: $200

dog bathing tubs

Edemco Pet Tub with Backsplash Wall

This tub is made of galvanized steel and has a very sturdy base. It has both hot and cold water ports and an animal restraint. The legs are removable to allow for easy storage. PVC coated rack keeps the dog from standing in water.

Price: $350

dog bathing tubs

Dirty Dog Portable Dog Bath

This sturdy, portable tub collapses for easy storage. It is easy to clean and easy to assemble as no tools are needed for the job. The tub is 24” in diameter and 20” deep.

Price: $80

dog bathing tubs

48 Inch Walk-Thru Pet Tub with Ramp

This tub not only contains your pet as you bath, but the ramp allows for easy access. It features 2 animal restraints and will hold dogs weighing 300 pounds. This tub is definitely professional grade. However, if you have several dogs that you bath yourself, you may want to consider it for your household.

Price: $900

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