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How To Clean Dog Urine

First, soak up as much of the urine as possible while blotting (not rubbing) the carpet with paper towels. You should start from the area outside of the stain ring and move inward.

Second, rinse the stain with club soda to dilute the urine (or water, but club soda works best) and then repeat the blotting process with clean towels.

Third, when you have determined that most of the dampness is gone, cover the area with baking soda and let it set for at least 2 hours and then vacuum the area to remove all powder.

Final Result: No Stain, No Smell and No More Clean-Up!

Other Factors In Cleaning Dog Urine

  • Sometimes, when your pet wets your carpet, the porus areas in the carpet are so saturated that they can't take on any additional liquid, no matter what cleaner you use. When this happens, be sure to let the carpet dry completely, then use the dog urine cleaner of choice.
  • All cleaners are not the same and you should carefully read the instructions before use. Not using these chemicals properly can result in failure to clean the area completely and can be harmful to you and your pet.
  • You must treat and completely clean all contaminated areas. Your pet has a good nose and will continue to go back to that spot if not cleaned properly.

Dog Urine Cleaner

Although the above solution is a great way to clean up after your pet's accidents, sometimes you just need more muscle. There are products made special to tackle series urine problems. We've compared the products for your convenience. Dog Urine Cleaner