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Questions To Ask The Kennel
...Before You Board Your Dog

Here is a list of questions I compiled based on my own needs as a pet owner and the differing needs of others I have spoken with. There may be some areas that are of greater or lesser importance to you and your pet. I’m quite sure we all want what is best for our pet while we are away. It is my hope that this list gives you a point of reference to which you can build you own questions upon.

  • The very first question and probably the most important one in determining whether or not you will even need to go any further is: Can you go in and have a tour of their facilities and meet the staff? If a tour is not offered……well I think we would both agree that is definitely a red flag and it’s time to move on to the next boarding facility.
  • Does the facility have a video monitoring service that will allow you to “look in” on your pet via the internet while you are away?
  • Does the facility provide a radio or television within your pets view to create an at home environment, especially when there isn’t any staff in the room?
  • Are the doggy beds they provide for the animals extra thick and plush to give your dog a warm, cozy, secure feeling just like home?
  • Is their staff made up of “True Animal Lovers”? A staff that truly loves dogs! You want to know that they will treat your dog with as much love as you do.
  • Do they provide a one-on-one playtime with your pet and a staff member daily?
  • Will your dog be able to participate in a daily playgroup with other dogs at the kennel?
  • Will the staff take your dog for a walk once a day for at least 30 minutes?
  • Does the facility provide a full service grooming during your pets stay, to include a bath, haircut, and nails trimmed?
  • Does the facility have a veterinarian on board to assure that your dog is in the best of health or incase of an emergency?
  • Last, but not least, will they be sure and give your dog lots of ‘belly rubs’ all the while going the extra mile to provide the highest quality care possible?

These are some very important questions to ask before leaving your pet for any length of time at a boarding kennel. If you are anything like me, your dog is not just your pet, he/she is a member of your family. Wouldn’t you want “Nothing but the Best” for your family!