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Dog Bathing Guide

Do you know the right time to give your dog a bath? It can get confusing because how often you bath your dog depends on the breed, how much the dog is outdoors, their age, and the time of year.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Start bathing your dog when it's a puppy. Your dog will be use to bath time and this will help both you and the dog.
  • Your dog got into something and now smells. This is an easy one because it's pretty easy to tell when your dog has rolled in something and got dirty.
  • Your dog has dandruff. Shampooing your canine will help with the symptoms of dandruff. However, be sure the talk to your veterinarian because it is very important to determine not only the right shampoo but the cause of the dandruff. The same holds true if your dog has parasites such as fleas or mites.
  • Don't forget to brush your dog. This is a great way to care for the coat and skin. If your dog's coat is matted, be sure to brush out or remove the matted hair prior to bathing.
  • There are many types of shampoos formulated for many different conditions. If you are unsure of the right shampoo to use, please consult your vet or dog groomer. Most importantly, always use a shampoo that is formulated specially for dogs.

There is a lot of dog bathing equipment as well as dog bath accessories to help ease the grooming process for you and your dog.

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